Pittas Halloumi Cheese (Hellim Peyniri) 250g

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Halloumi, derived from the Greek word "almi", meaning salty, is a semi-hard cheese made from a blend of cow, goat and sheep’s milk, seasoned with mint leaves and then soaked in brine. Its taste is best described as somewhere between kashkaval and mozzarella. Due to its unique characteristic Halloumi can be enjoyed in any form, from fresh to grilled and even fried! Halloumi is still made the old fashioned way in villages throughout the island of Cyprus.

Preparation options are plenty — you can:
• Slice it! Pairs well with watermelon or salads.
• Grill it! Halloumi doesn’t melt, so it’s great for summer BBQ.
• Grate it! Pasta will be more delicious.
• Fry it! No need for oil or butter!

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